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Deep Water Slip Ring (High Pressure Withstanding)

  • The deepwater slip ring is used under deep water between the rotor and stator for transmission of various signals and power current.
  • The inside of the deepwater slip ring is filled with oil to provide pressure compensation under the deep water.
  • Compact structure and small size with excellent axial tensile strength.
  • Gold to gold multi-point contact for electric signal and power transmission with long working life and least temperature rising.
  • Reliable optical fiber transmission and available to be used with WDM technology.
  • It adopts special seals with long working life and no leakage.
  • Compact structure with small size, easy for installation.
  • With little rotating torque.
  • Working power voltage can realize up to 500V.
  • With least contact resistance and stable signal transmission.
  • With high speed transmission and least insertion loss.
  • Reliable high quality.
Typical Applications:
  • Deep-sea Research and Probe.
  • Offshore Industrial Applications.
  • Underwater and Submarine Machines and Equipment.

Quality High Pressure Withstanding and Deep Water Slip Rings of customization by China Manufacturer and Solution Designer




Working Pressure

≤20MPa (2000m under water

Rotary Rate


Voltage Rating


Current Rating


Fiber Wavelength


Fiber Channels

≤2 Channels

Electric Signal types

 LF (Low Frequency) Signal


Slip rings ensure engineering and design teams no longer require timely – and often costly – workarounds in order to power rotating devices, whether they be motors, military devices or rotating electrical assemblies. Playing a major role in improving mechanical performance, as well as simplifying operations, they have further further eliminated the threat of damaged and hazardous wiring and cable connections in moving joints.

Slip rings handle either power, data or both across a number of rings on which a spring or other loaded contact finger, ring or brush is held in place to pass power as the rings rotate. Power levels range from milliwatts to hundreds of kilowatts dependent on application.

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