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Slip rings enable the transfer of electric power or signal circuits across a rotating surface, such as those found in radar antennae, gun turrets, periscopes, electro-optic sensor gimbals and space satellites. The sliding contact is established by a brush that presses against a metal ring. The “brush” can look like a brush made from metal fibers, but more often it looks like a single wire or a spring with a pad of material affixed to the end that contacts the ring.

As an indispensable part of modern industry, the slip rings are used in a wide range of applications. Its importance is self-evident. To various systems, the normal/well working condition and normal/safe operation of the slip rings is the basic need, which is crucial to be guaranteed, since it is a key prerequisite for the normal operation of the entire system.

To ensure the normal operation of the slip ring, the first step is to buy high-quality slip ring products from reliable slip ring manufacturers. Then, during the daily usage of the slip ring, to provide good maintenance to the slip rings. The length of the life of the slip ring is subject to the structure of the design, the quality of the material, as well as the routine maintenance. To provide good maintenance of the slip ring need to first understand the internal structure of the slip ring.

The slip rings mainly include the stator part of the brush and brush holder, and the rotor part of the main axis as the two main components. Brush holder is used to fix the brush, but it also plays a role in supporting the stator part of the brush. The brush contacts with the copper ring of the main axis of the rotor part, and maintain a certain pressure, in order to achieve the role of transmission of current. The pressure between the brush and the main axis determines the contact resistance, the rotating frictional resistance and wiring on the contact point. During the rotation, the change of pressure between the brush and the copper ring and the centrifugal force caused by the rotation of the main axis will change with the use of time. So, under the premise of purchasing the right slip rings with correct product structure designing, it is crucial to keep the running of the slip rings under close observation and maintenance. These are very related to the overall working life of the slip rings.

When the working time and the working speed exceed the design range of the product structure, heating will occur on the slip ring, and the increase of the friction force will also quick the wearing of the slip ring, directly affecting the working life of the slip ring. So when the equipment is expected to exceed a certain normal range of operation, this should be informed to us at the designing stage of the product, we will combine the actual application and condition to provide the most appropriate structural design to ensure that the use of equipment to meet the requirements, so as to make the slip ring operate freely with stable performance and long lasting life.

With diversification of the applications of slip rings, Large Power Slip Rings are being used wider and wider. For contact under high current, we don't suggest to use common brush structure, but metal graphite brush. During the usage of metal graphite brush, dust will be produced. If the dust is not cleaned periodically, the fluctuation value as well as the insulation of the slip rings will be affected. For large power slip rings, we'll design specific maintenance window to facilitate normal daily maintenance, to ensure its long lasting working life.

Correctly understanding the internal structure of the slip ring is very necessary for the proper maintenance of the slip ring. The correct way of usage, upkeep and maintenance of the slip ring can play a positive role in the normal operation and safety running of the equipment/system.


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